"Caramel" Apple Sun Tea Feeds the Brain and Soothes the Gut

I don't always make sun tea, but the "caramel" component of this elixir requires that no heat is involved in its process or the benefits will be deactivated.The secret ingredient I'm working with here is New Zealand's active Manuka Honey .Not only because it is deliciously rich and thickly gooey , but also becasue it is so good for you in such a ton of ways . So grab your favorite organic tea bags* and throw 1-2 of them in a big glass jar of water and let it sit in a sunny spot all day.By night, you will core and chop up 1-2 of your favorite apples and throw them into float in your tea for just the right amount of a perfect apple-flavor- flair🍎. Now ....get that Manuka "caramel" out and all over a spoon in a big heaping scoop that you can swirl all into your room temperature apple sun tea.

This is a bedtime drink that will allow your brain to be fed its premium fuel during sleep, preventing oxidative stress and leaving you to wake fresh and clear-headed instead of triggering the realease of stress hormones like adrenalin and cortisol which then have to convert muscle protein into the minds required glucose. This honey is literally energizing the liver to detoxify you while you sleep while also providing B vitamins, antioxidants and the protein building blocks- amino acids ! It also heals digestion and soothes gastrointestinal aches and pains with its anti-bacterial properties that inhibit unhealthy tummy bacteria and creating the conditions for ideal probiotics to flourish. Save this yummy nutritional bedtime drink for several days in the fridge to sip on every evening. Never heat it, and you will enjoy not only these good things but many others including better gum and periodontal health, lowered cholesterol, the easing of ulcer pain, a heightened immune system and healing anti-microbial effects in the throat. Ahhh.....that's a deal!! Xox

*choose an herbal tea with no caffeine as you will want to be drinking this at bedtime for optimal results 🌙 I used Allegro brands organic Happy Heart for this batch