Black "Stick" Purification for my Personal Water Jug!

There was this new little package at my local market, with a black stick a few inches long inside,so I had to look closer .Turns out it's actually a piece of charcoal, a fine Japanese active charcoal that is hand cut to be exact . Its brand name is Kishu and it's apparently the first completely-free-of-plastic-filter there is !


All you do is unwrap the little black "stick" and plunk it in a jug or water bottle. Then it magically gets to work doing two wonderful things:

1- it absorbs impurities(not clear on which ones,but any are good by me)

2- it leaches good minerals(calcium and magnesium)that you want into your water !

I will say that water with a chunk of charcoal like the Kishu charcoal in it , tasted quite a bit fresher and more pure on a before and after test ! I'm thinking I like it(: and it sure is easy enough !