Strange and Unusual Popcorn Toppings

Do Yal know the brain benefits of DHA oil ?πŸ‘ And it's regenerative properties are off the charts . Now you can get it all sorts of ways including regular, drizable, format to dress popcorn in leau of butter . Organic DHA oil also works to get the latest thing - "Gomasio" to stick to every kernel! This means salty, healthy flavor, seaweed minerals and sesame crunch in every good biteπŸ’‹

ps . Coconut oil and nutritional yeast are out. Last years craze.In with the new , stick with the times!πŸ’‘ And please always use a hot air popper so you don't need grease and the corn and fat dont burn and turn a health fiber snack into carcingeous acrylimides. Xox.πŸ˜‰